Cooling fans

  • Best Oscillating Fans

    There are different types of fans and when you get set to buy one, you will have to decide which of the different types you want for yourself. However, our focus today is oscillating fans and we want to discuss how to get the best oscillating fan. What is an…

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  • Best Portable Hand Held Fans

    What is a portable hand held fan? A portable hand-held fan is one of the most ingenious inventions to date. It is an electronic device built to cool the air around whoever is using it, in whatever situation they find themselves; a small fan by design. It is handy enough…

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  • Best Standing Pedestal Floor Fans

    What is a standing pedestal floor fan? A pedestal floor fan is a variant of the portable electric standing fans that have gained wide-spread popularity today. They are designed to help you control climate, enhance ventilation and personal comfort, and also provide drafts. They are also referred to as axial…

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  • Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

    There are a number of key qualities that most of us want to benefit from when it comes to our homes. Two of these are comfort and practicality, which is why we spend so much time and effort when it comes to choosing the right items for our homes. One…

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  • Best Small Battery Operated Fans

    The weather can get hot sometimes. Nowadays, it can get really hot that you become sweaty, sticky, and definitely uncomfortable. Oftentimes, this happens when you are outdoors without access to the air conditioner. Such heat is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy too if it happens often. Sweating is the body’s…

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  • Best Small Clip on USB Desk Fans

    What Are Small Clip-on USB Desk Fans? Most of us are familiar with USB desk fans. If you are always on the move or if the weather is unbearably hot, you would know what they are. For those who are new to them, they are personal fans that you can…

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  • Best Quiet Fans

    What are quiet fans? There is nothing like some peace and quiet, with some gentle breeze from your fan cooling the room, especially when you are working or sleeping. They make you view things around you with a relaxed mind. But little else bogs you down like a noisy fan.…

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  • Best Tower Fans

    What are Tower Fans? Fans aren’t new to anyone at all. If you’ve stayed in the world for any amount of days, you’ve probably met a fan at one point or another in your hitherto short or long life. Well, of course, we have to make an exception for our…

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  • Best Desk Fans

    What are desk fans? Desk fans are a very convenient and efficient way of keeping cool without taking up too much space. This is different from other types of fans like standing fans and ceiling fans. A desk fan is much more portable and can be placed on your desk,…

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  • outdoor fans

    Best Outdoor Fans

    If you are looking for a quality outdoor fan to keep you cool during your camping trips this summer, or whilst sitting out on your deck or working in the garage at home, then we’re here to help! In this article, we review ten of the best outdoor fans currently…

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