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    Festive Ideas for Fireplace Christmas Decorations

    Some people like to turn their homes into one giant ball of Christmas decorations, others prefer to be more sparing and modest. Either way, however, the fireplace’s mantel is usually one of the best places for Christmas decorations. Even if you don’t plan on going all-out this year, having a…

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  • Indoor Heating Tips for Winter Season

    Heating in the winter season can be complicated, expensive, and often ineffective. There are various indoor heating tips that can be mentioned but a lot of them are too subjective and specific to certain situations. Still, there are some indoor heating tips for the winter season which are pretty much…

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  • Tips for Air Conditioner That’s Running but Not Lowering Temperature

    Having your air conditioner running but not lowering temperature as it should is quite an annoying problem. The reverse is equally obnoxious in the winter if you intended to use your AC to help a bit with the heating of your home. To help you solve these problems, here’s a…

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  • Best Way to Clear Snow from Long Driveway

    Shoveling snow to create a quick path in front of your home’s door is one thing but shoveling snow from a long driveway can be a very different story. Especially if the snow is deep and/or wet you might be for the cardio of your life and lose your entire…

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  • Easy Steps to Make a Homemade Snow Plow

    If there’s one thing we could say about this year’s winter it’s that we can’t say anything for sure about it. The weather is becoming more and more unpredictable every year and that means that every homeowner needs to be ready for anything. This becomes a problem when we’re talking…

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  • Snow Plowing Tips for Beginners

    The winter season is coming into full swing and for more and more people the question of how to plow snow is coming into the forefront. Especially if you’re new to this, snow plowing can seem outright daunting – how should you position the vehicle, how to windrow, how to…

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  • 3 Steps to Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night

    Whether you want to keep warm overnight or you want to keep the stove running while you’re at work, knowing how to extend the burn of a wood stove is a very nice skill. Of course, there are safety concerns that need to be observed and it’s important for there…

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  • How to maintain your heating system during summer?

    If you are a homeowner, then chances are you already know the value of an efficient, well-oiled home heating system, and the importance of regular maintenance. Chances are, though, that you pay far more attention to your heater during the colder months, when it is most in use. When summer…

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  • Can You Create Energy From Compost?

    With all the talk about alternative sources of energy, is it possible for me to get energy from compost? This is an interesting question that we will look at in some details. First, what exactly is compost? What Is Compost? In its simplest form, compost is just decayed organic matter.…

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  • How To Avoid Turning On Your Air Conditioning In Summer

    After long days and nights of blustery cold in the winter months, everyone looks forward to spring and summer. Unfortunately, summer days can be quite hot and humid, requiring the constant use of air conditioning which leads to increased electricity bills. How can one avoid turning on air conditioning in…

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