Fire pits

  • Best Fire Pit and Fireplace Pokers

    Having a fine fire pit and fireplace poker is pretty much a must if you intend to ever use your fireplace or to light campfires while you’re on a camping trip. The best fire pit and fireplace pokers are few and far between, however, with a lot of the other…

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  • Best Fire Pit Liners and Rings

    Firepit liners and rings are great items with lots of applications – for a small indoor fireplace, a backyard larger one, or for camping fires. These diverse purposes of fire pit rings and liners mean that they can come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and designs, often making it…

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  • Best Metal Fire Pit Covers and Lids

    The popularity of fire pits has skyrocketed over the last several years, and for a good reason. They are a relatively cheap investment for the kind of upgrade they offer to your backyard, both from an aesthetical perspective and from the perspective of bringing heaps of enjoyment and good atmosphere…

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  • Best Round Fire Pit Covers

    A cover is a must-have accessory to accompany your fire pit. Just like your grill and patio furniture, your fire pit can get damaged over time from exposure to the elements. With a cover, your fire pit will look newer and function better. Over time, overexposure to moisture can make…

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  • Best Square Fire Pit Covers

    As it is, fire pits are a miscellaneous addition to your backyard paradise and an expensive one at that. That’s perfectly understandable because they do take the elegance of the space up a notch and make for a great place for a family get-together. With every big investment come a…

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  • Best Square Fire Pits

    The fire has been crucial for human evolution. It has helped us survive, warm up, cook our food and provide light as well. So even if the times when the fire was a key to our survival are long gone, our fascination with fire remains deeply embedded in our DNA.…

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  • Best Propane and Gas Fire Pit Tables

    Fire pits are a great way of bringing some warmth and beauty to your outdoor life. With a good fire pit, you can stay outdoors for much longer, staying outdoors even into the chilly months. However, there are different types of fire pits differentiated by style, the fuel they use…

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  • Best Outdoor Patio Fire Pits

    What are Outdoor Fire Pits? Let’s face it, there’s just something mesmerizing about fires that makes humans attracted to it like gnats to a flame. And this hot romance didn’t begin today; it dates back thousands of years when our ancestors were still cave men. For the outdoorsy folks, you…

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