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  • How to Paint a Wood Stove?

    Wood burning stoves are a great way to bring a nice dose of warmth and comfort to your home during a cold winter night – they are effective, economic, and even have a cozy and romantic feel to them. That last part can easily be diminished if the stove is…

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  • Preparing Your HVAC for the Spring Season

    For the past few weeks, your HVAC’s thermostat was set permanently to heat. All through the cold months, you couldn’t get enough of the heat. Now the cold is giving way to warmer weather, something that we are all excited about. As we eagerly rejoice at the coming of warmer…

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  • How to Store your Heaters during Summer

    Having a good and functional heater during the cold season is a no-brainer, except your escape plan from this world includes freezing to death. We say functional because there are some heaters that get weak with frequent use and don’t supply enough heat to warm up your house. The winter…

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  • Chimney Maintenance Tips

    No doubt, your chimney plays an important part in warming up the interior of your home. It provides an avenue through which poisonous fumes escape your fireplace and air, needed for combustion, gets to the burning wood. However, when the chimney is not properly maintained, it becomes a ticking time…

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  • How to Know When Your Thermostat Needs Replacing?

    We live in a world of possibilities due to the massive impact of technology. Your heating system is a good example of how technology has evolved. Within the confines of your home, you don’t have to put on those large sweaters and other bulky clothes to keep warm during winter.…

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  • Fire Pit Safety

    It’s great having a fire pit during cool weather evenings. Having one amidst conversations in such evenings brightens the family mood and the atmosphere. However, you can only enjoy your fire pit when appropriate cautions are put in place. Otherwise, fire pits could be a disaster for your household. While…

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  • sun

    Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

    Is it possible to stay cool in the heat? Yeah, it’s quite possible and easy! Staying cool in the heat won’t only make you relaxed; it would help you not to develop heat-related illnesses like heat cramps and heat stroke. Here’s what would help: 1. Drink lots of water Reduce…

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  • heat wave

    Survive a Heat Wave with These Cool Tips

    Are you feeling the extreme temperature that comes with the season? – Or do you find it difficult to cope with heat waves? The tips below would help! 1. Hydrate and rehydrate Your body suffers an excess of dehydration during heat waves. So you need to hydrate and rehydrate your…

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  • furnance

    Signs that Your Furnace Needs Replacement

    Replacing a furnace isn’t easy. It’s quite an expensive undertaking. It’s common to see people with this question on their lips – when should I have my heater replaced? They don’t know what to consider before replacing their furnace. If you are contemplating replacing a heater, below are some signs…

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  • winter heating

    Winter Heating Safety Tips

    Prepared for winter storm emergencies? As winter approaches, you need to put plans in place on how to heat your home, especially in case of emergency winter storms which could lead to power outages for days or even weeks. Common ways you could keep your home warm are through the…

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