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Best Windmill Ceiling Fans

Windmill ceiling fans are great things to have in your home, regardless of whether you have other air conditioning or not. They are very energy efficient, they make for excellent interior decorations, and a lot of them can even be used outdoors. All this applies mostly to good windmill ceiling fans, however, and not so much for the many sub-par models that are lurking on the market.

If you’re looking for a new windmill ceiling fan but you’re having troubles spotting the quality models from the not-so-good ones, here are our Top 3 and Top 8 Best windmill ceiling fans lists, as well as quick buying and usage guides to go with them. Hopefully, they will help you navigate the overcrowded market for ceiling fans and find the right product for your home or office.

1. Quorum 96015-86 Review

Top on our list of the best windmill style ceiling fans is the Quorum 96015-86 model. If you are looking for an indoors windmill ceiling fan for sale that has a gorgeous design, good blade sweep, and creates a powerful airflow, this Quorum model should be one to look at. It is a ceiling fan that looks like a windmill and can bring an excellent ambiance in any room you put it in. It’s a strictly indoors unit, however, so those looking for an outdoor windmill ceiling fan should skip it.

As for the technical characteristics of the Quorum 96015-86, it has a 30-degree blade pitch and a total blade sweep of 60 inches. It also comes with a 6-inch downrod and wall control. It’s also a windmill ceiling fan with light adaptability, however, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t come with an included light kit and it’s generally a model that looks and works better without a light kit.

This Quorum windmill ceiling fan also has remote control adaptability to help you operate its 6 different speed settings, however, the remote control isn’t included in the package.

The airflow this Quorum model is capable of delivering at its highest speed settings goes up to 5982 cubic feet per minute while using about 29 watts of electricity (without any lights). This puts the airflow efficiency at the impressive 203 cubic feet per minute per watt.

All in all, the sheer power and efficiency of this windmill ceiling fan, together with its gorgeous design and excellent quality easily earn it a top spot on our list despite the absence of a remote control in the package and the sub-par light kit adaptability.

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What we like:

  • The blade sweep of this windmill ceiling fan is 60” which is perfect for most indoor rooms and spaces.
  • The airflow this model is capable of creating is approximately 5982 cubic feet per minute.
  • This Quorum has 6 different speeds plus a reversible and is remote control adaptable if you get a remote control separately.

What we don’t like:

  • You can install a light package on the Quorum 96015-86 fan but it’s not as versatile in that regard as other windmill ceiling fans.


2. Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Review

If you’re on the lookout for a small windmill ceiling fan or a windmill ceiling fan with a light kit then this Monte Carlo model has got what you need. It has a blade sweep of 52 inches which allows it to easily fit in most rooms and spaces, and it also comes with a 15 LED integrated array that’s dimmable and has a total of 740 lumens.

Furthermore, this Monte Carlo model is also suitable for outdoor use so you can install it not just in a living room or a kitchen but on your terrace, patio or other such places. It’s also a fairly lightweight model with just 22.9 pounds of total weight, making it easy to move around, to handle, and to install. The total height of this model (from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan) is 14.14” and it comes with an included 6” downrod.

There are a total of 14 blades on this fan, each made out of an approved light grey and weathered oak. The pitch of each blade is 14” and the CFM is 3310.

As for the fan control, it includes 6 different speed settings and a reverse function that, together with the light dimming, are all very easy to manage through the remote control that’s included in the package.

This Monte Carlo windmill ceiling fan is approved by the ETL for damp locations and has a beautiful aged pewter finish. It’s 125 x 20 mm DC motor complies with the TSCA Title VI and is energy efficient, while its perfectly balanced precision blades deliver a quiet but effective airflow.

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What we like:

  • This Montel Carlo windmill ceiling fan model is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It also comes with an included remote control that allows the user to easily manage the 6 different speed settings.
  • The Monte Carlo ceiling fan also has 15 LED integrated light array that offers 740 lumens of lighting.

What we don’t like:

  • The small size of this windmill ceiling fan is the only “bad” thing that can be said about it but even that is beneficial in certain situations.


3. Quorum 95210-86 Review

We’re back to Quorum for another 52-inch fan, this time – their 95210-86 model. Very similar to their larger 60-inch counterpart, this windmill ceiling fan is for indoor use only and it comes with wall control, a 6-inch downrod, and an 80-inch wire lead. It is adaptable for a light kit but it doesn’t come with one, and the same can be said about a remote control – the fan is adaptable for one but it will need to be purchased separately.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we’re mentioning this Quorum model in our Best windmill ceiling fans list simply because of its outstanding quality. It is built with 10 blades that have a gorgeous oiled bronze finish and a 52-inch blade sweep. There’s also a 30-degree blade pitch, six different speed settings plus a reverse, and adaptability for up to 25 degrees of a slope with adaptability or additional slope ceiling kits.

All that allows this Quorum fan to deliver the impressive for its size airflow of 1966 cubic feet per minute at 17 watts of electricity use (without any lights). This gives it an overall electricity efficiency of 115 cubic feet per minute per watt which is excellent for most homes that intend to use a windmill ceiling fan for a prolonged period per day, most days of the year.

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What we like:

  • The Quorum 95201-86 model is a 52” windmill ceiling fan but it’s capable of reaching an airflow of 1966 cubic feet per minute.
  • With its oiled bronze finish and beautiful design, this model is a great addition to most interior settings.
  • This Quorum model has 6 different fan speeds plus a reversible, a 30-degree blade pitch, and can work at a 25 degrees slope angle.

What we don’t like:

  • This Quorum model is also light kit adaptable but doesn’t come with one and isn’t the perfect item if lights are something you’re really looking for.


Other products to consider

Listing just 3 great products is not nearly enough to satisfy everyone’s needs and requirements, of course, we’re very much aware of that. So, here are five more excellent windmill ceiling fans of a similar quality that you might want to check out. Each of them has a lot to offer and excels in different situations even if it didn’t quite make the Top 3 for one reason or another.

4. Modern Forms FR-W1815-80L-GH Review

First on our secondary list is this giant Modern Forms model that has 12 blades with a total blade sweep of 80 inches for each of them. The fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including in moist areas, as long as it’s properly protected from rain, heavy winds, and other elements.

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This model also has an integrated LED lights that are powered by WAC Lighting and offer continuous and smooth lighting with easy to operate brightness control. There’s also an optional cover included if you want to further control the luminaire of the fan.

Speaking of control, this model can also be synced with the Modern Forms app to easily control both its lights and its 6 different fan speed settings. There is also an RF wall switch for easy local control that’s easy to install with just several quick steps.

As for its quality, this Modern Forms windmill ceiling fan is incredibly energy efficient and silent while working even on its highest power setting thanks to its quality DC motors.


5. Quorum 97215-86 Review

For those looking for a 72 windmill ceiling fan, i.e. a fan with a 72-inch blade span, this Quorum model might be just what you’re looking for. It’s similar to the other Quorum models we’ve listed above (and below) as it has a beautiful windmill design that can contribute greatly to any home’s or office’s interior. The fan is designed for indoor use only and its 72” blade sweep also has a 30-degree blade pitch. This model also comes with an included 6” downrod, an excellent quality DC-165L motor, and 6 poles.

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Like most other Quorum ceiling fans, the 97215-86 model is adaptable for both remote control and light kits but it doesn’t come with either of them. And while getting a remote control is recommended, light kits typically look better on other models and brands.

The main positive of this and other Quorum models is their exceptional effectiveness and efficiency. With its 72” blade span this model is capable of delivering an airflow of 2008 cubic feet per minute while consuming just 23 watts of electricity. This gives it an 88 cubic feet per minute per watt efficiency which is quite impressive.


6. Quorum 97215-9 Review

Here we have another 72-inch option that also comes from Quorum. Their 97215-9 model includes 15 fan blades made out of weathered oak, it has a protruding mount, and it is also galvanized.

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Aside from that, it’s quite similar to other Quorum models in that it’s meant for indoor use only, and it doesn’t include its own remote control or lighting kit while being easily adaptable for both. It does include wall control, however, as well as 6 poles, a quiet but powerful DC-165L motor, and a 6-inch downrod.

The airflow this model is capable of producing at its highest speed setting is more than just impressive – it’s 6486 cubic feet per minute! It also consumes 34 watts of electricity which makes for an overall power efficiency of 192 cubic feet per minute per watt. All this, together with its large size and gorgeous design make it a worthy inclusion in any home or office setting.


7. Home Decorators Collection Ceiling Fan Review

For something a bit different, here’s Home Decorators 60 inch Collection ceiling fan. It has 12 quite nice-looking walnut plus maple fan blades that give it a great look. This fan is meant for large indoor spaces only as it’s not safe for outdoor use. Its excellent DC motor makes it up to 70% more efficient than most other windmill ceiling fans you’ll find on the market, however, and it also comes with its own remote control that allows you to easily manage its speed.

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Furthermore, this Home Decorators mode also has a beautifully integrated lighting kit in its center with a nice brushed nickel finish. That, together with the gorgeously designed walnut and maple blades makes this ceiling fan a great addition to most homes or offices. The 60-inch blade sweep together with the powerful motor make this fan best for 20 x 20-foot indoor spaces if you’re looking for optimal performance but it can also work quite well in even slightly bigger spaces.


8. Quorum 95210-9 Review

To round up our list we’re going back to Quorum to check out their 95210-9 model. It is a small and galvanized fan with a blade sweep of 52 inches and an included wall control. It has 10 blades arranged in the classic Quorum windmill design that gives them quite a beautiful look that can fit well in most interior settings, be they residential or office spaces.

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Like other Quorum fans, this model also doesn’t include a remote control or a lighting kit with it but it is adaptable for both if you purchase them separately. It’s meant for indoor use only but it has very powerful airflow and great energy efficiency, like the other Quorum windmill ceiling fans we’ve mentioned above. The Quorum 95210-9 also has a 6-inch downrod, a great DC motor, and 6 included poles. It also has a 30-degree blade pitch and is usable at up to 25-degree ceiling slope even though it’s not adaptable for additional slope support.


About windmill ceiling fans

It’s easy to view windmill ceiling fans as just fancier or prettier ceiling fans but they are actually much more than just that. Yes, windmill ceiling fans serve the same purpose – they are attached to a room’s ceiling, they spin at a moderate speed, and they move the air around them, affecting its temperature. Like regular ceiling fans, they are quite energy-efficient, especially when compared to AC units, they are quiet, and they are a useful addition to any room as long as they are of a good enough quality. And yes, they are typically much prettier than the standard ceiling fan.

Windmill ceiling fans vs regular ceiling fans

Where most standard ceiling fans have 4 or 5 blades, a windmill ceiling fan will have 8, 10, or even 15 or 16 blades. This can seem like overkill at first, but the number of the blades does have a drastic effect on the performance of the unit. To emphasize that, take a look at the explanation Dale E. Berg from Sandia National Laboratories gives when comparing wind turbines with ceiling fans.

Another important distinction between windmill ceiling fans and regular ceiling fans is the fact that the former are usually handcrafted while the latter are typically mass-produced. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with ceiling fans being mass-produced, especially if they are of high enough quality but with handcrafted models, you can see much more attention given to every detail of their performance.

Windmill ceiling fans are also typically delivered fully assembled making your life much easier. Installing a good windmill ceiling fan usually takes just 3 or 4 quick steps that require little to no engineering education or effort. They are also much more lightweight compared to their size where regular ceiling fans are typically heavier.

The motors on most windmill ceiling fans are usually reversible, allowing the fan to be used in the opposite direction and push hot air down, giving it a great use during the colder months of the year.

Last but not least, windmill ceiling fans are typically much prettier and make for excellent additions to a room’s interior.

Windmill ceiling fans vs AC units

A lot of people nowadays see ceiling fans as unnecessary tools to use when you can use an air conditioner instead. However, ceiling fans and windmill ceiling fans alike still have quite a few benefits compared to even the best and most effective AC units.

For one, windmill ceiling fans are much cheaper both in terms of their initial cost as well as their operating costs. Where a good and powerful windmill ceiling fan will have up to 60 watts of power consumption, the average AC unit will consume around 3,500 watts of energy.

Furthermore, where AC units can be quite the pain to install and maintain, windmill ceiling fans are virtually effortless to use in that regard. Not to mention that they are much quieter while working and they are quite nice to look at compared to the big, bulky and ugly white boxes that most AC units are.

Still, air conditioners are, of course, much more powerful which naturally makes them the better choice for extreme weather conditions. So, it all comes down to how much you want to affect the temperature in your home – if you need to only tweak it a little bit, say, several degrees, a ceiling fan will be a better, more comfortable, and more affordable option. For anything more drastic, however, an AC unit will work better.

Buying guide

With ceiling fans, there are not that many criteria to look for as they are not the most complicated products out there. Still, they do have several specifics you’ll want to keep in mind before making a purchase:

  • Quality above all else. As with any other product group, buying a sub-par quality ceiling fan is simply a waste of money as it won’t work well enough to be worth it.
  • Size matters. The size of the windmill ceiling fan isn’t important just for its visual presence in the room but for its effectiveness too. Buying a small ceiling fan for a large room will simply render it ineffective.
  • Look at the power consumption. Windmill ceiling fans are typically quite energy efficient but some are still better than others.
  • Indoors or outdoors? Most people get ceiling fans for indoor use only but there are windmill ceiling fans that can be used outdoors too. Just be careful not to buy an indoors-only fan for your patio.
  • Does it look good? Looks matter as well, after all – this is something that will be a major part of your home’s interior for years to come.

Most of these points are fairly straightforward but they still need to be mentioned. If you’re still uncertain as to which windmill ceiling fan you want or if you’re still hesitating between a couple of options, the brands we’d generally recommend are Quorum, Home Decorators, Modern Forms, and Monte Carlo.

Windmill ceiling fans usage tips

Windmill ceiling fans are fairly simple devices to use so you won’t really need a scientific degree to figure them out. Still, if you haven’t used them before, here are several tricks you can do with a windmill ceiling fan:

  • Use it in conjunction with an air conditioner to save money. Using a good windmill ceiling fan during the summer months together with your AC unit can help you drive the temperature further down without overworking your AC unit. This can be hugely beneficial for your wallet as, even though the windmill ceiling fan itself will also use some electricity, it will ease the work of the AC unit enough to save you up to several hundred dollars per summer.
  • You can also use a windmill ceiling fan during the colder months. The reverse function of most good windmill ceiling fans allows them to push the warm air down instead of pulling it up, thus warming up the space around them with several degrees. It’s not much, of course, but it can help you feel much better during the winter months, as well as save you some money for heating.
  • Picking a windmill ceiling fan that matches a room’s interior can make for an excellent way to beautify it with very little effort.


There is quite a nice diversity when it comes to windmill ceiling fans models on the market, however, that can also make it hard to find the perfect quality product for your needs. Hopefully, our quick lists and guide have helped you at least a little bit – if not to find the fan you want then at least to point you to the characteristics you should be looking for.

To round things up, here are our Top 3 Best windmill ceiling fans suggestions again:

  1. The Quorum 96015-86 was the first model we mentioned on our list and with good reasons. It’s a very effective and efficient indoor windmill ceiling fan with its excellent airflow and acceptable electricity consumption. It also has a beautiful design that can fit very well in most indoor rooms and interiors. However, it’s not suitable for outdoor use and it doesn’t come with a light kit or a remote control even though it’s adaptable for both.
  2. Next, we recommended a Montel Carlo ceiling fan mode that’s usable both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, it also comes together with a 15 Led integrated lights array that offers 740 lumens of light. The fan kit is also accompanied by a remote control that makes it very easy to control its 6 different speed settings, as well as the dimming of the lights. Overall, this Monte Carlo model offers excellent quality and airflow, as well as great versatility in its use.
  3. The Quorum 95210-86 model rounded up our Top 3 as another 52-inch option. Unlike the Monte Carlo, it doesn’t come with its own remote control or lights but it’s adaptable for both. It does impress with its gorgeous design, however, as well as with its excellent quality and 1966 cubic feet per minute of airflow. The latter makes for a 155 cubic feet per minute per watt power efficiency which ranks it very highly compared to most of its peers.

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