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How to Heat up a Pool Fast?

Early to mid-April may not be everyone’s favorite time for dipping in the pool but with the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine still raging on, many of us are looking for things to do at home or in the yard. So, how to heat your pool fast during the spring months when the weather is not yet that hot?

Heat pumps are great and energy-efficient tools for heating up a pool, however, they aren’t very fast. What’s more, ordinary heat pumps don’t generate heat when the temperature is below 10°C (50°F) unless you’ve got an all-season heat pump. And that’s pretty much our first tip for how to heat a pool quickly:

  1. Get an all-season heat pump. With such a pump you’ll be able to start heating your pool whenever you want, day or night. With an ordinary pump, you’ll only be able to start once the temperature outside has risen above a certain threshold.
  2. Combine the heat pump with a heat exchanger. This will not only help the pump work faster but it will also allow it to keep the temperature constant over time.
  3. Go for a gas heater as they work faster than electric heaters.
  4. Use both a gas heater and a solar power heater. The latter is not only more efficient and eco-friendly, but it can also keep your pool’s temperature higher at all times, leaving even less work for your gas heater to do.
  5. Another tip for how to make pool water warm fast is to get a swimming pool cover so that it doesn’t lose its warmth so quickly. A good roller shutter with solar slats will keep the pool’s warmth and it will also absorb sunlight and convert it into warmth as well as protect your pool from physical debris.
  6. If you haven’t built your pool yet or if you’re wondering how to heat an above ground pool fast, another important tip is to position it where it will get the most sunlight during the day. In other words, make sure there’s no shade from your home or nearby trees over the pool.
  7. Use dark interior lining for your pool. A lighter lining will absorb less heat from the sunlight while a dark grey PVC liner will keep the pool warmer throughout the day. Plus, it gives the water a more natural color.

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