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How to Use Fire Glass?

If you have a natural gas or propane fireplace that you want to spice up and make more beautiful, fire glass is a great option to consider. If you haven’t heard or don’t know much about it, however, here are the main things you need to know about fire glass.

How does fire glass work and what is it exactly?

Fire glass comprises of small pebbles made out a tempered glass. It is extremely heat-resistant and can be put in gas or propane fireplaces to enhance their look. It’s essentially an alternative to fake ceramic gas logs that are also often used to make gas fireplaces more aesthetic.

How to use fire glass?

Using fire glass is very simple – just place a bit of it in the tray atop the gas flame. This will allow the fire to burn in-between the glass pebbles and become much more gorgeous to look at. Don’t pour too much as you do want the flame to be visible – add just enough fire glass to enjoy the shimmering translucence that it’s going to create.

What size fire glass should I use?

Fire glass pebbles come in different sizes, shapes, and colors but which exactly you’re going to choose is up to your personal preferences.

How much fire glass do I need?

This depends on the size of the gas furnace or fireplace. You’ll need just enough fire glass to cover the tray of your fireplace evenly and fully. More than that would be unnecessary.

How long does fire glass burn?

Under ideal conditions, fire glass can last for decades. Propane does crack fire glass pebbles faster than natural gas, and extreme temperatures can shorten its lifespan too, but overall fire glass is heat-resistant enough to last for years.

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