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Best Ways to Extend Your Outdoor Living Season

Staying outdoors during the hot seasons of the year is now a tradition in many families. Many people also wish there’s a way they could extend the outdoor season. Truly, there are ways you could do this and enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

1. Light up your outdoor space

You need not go inside your home when the sun goes down. Now, you have a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from. You could make your outdoor living space comfortable like your home interior by selecting suitable lights for your outdoor space. Enjoy your outdoor area in the rainy or winter seasons of the year with high quality retractable waterproof canopies. Moreover, this canopy could serve to keep your living space warm. Use suitable outdoor curtains for protection from wind.

2. Use heaters

There are various heating options available for your outdoor living season. You could use patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces. You could achieve ambiance in your outdoor space with a fire pit. To many, fire pits are vital for outdoor living. They provide both warmth and lighting. You could buy one or build your own. Patio heaters are easy –to – use pragmatic heating solutions. Increase the number of months you spend in your outdoor living space with this tip!

3. Your outdoor space needs retouching!

Are you bored of the outlook of your outdoor area? You will need to make some changes. Make your outdoor space more lively and captivating with the advent of each season. You could put up furniture with neutral colors and use accessories like pillows and throw-ups. Mixing up accessories in different styles would give your outdoor living space new looks each season; so you wouldn’t be bored.

4. Select year-round furniture and accessories

In choosing furniture and accessories, select those which are suitable for different seasons. Usually, those materials are of high quality and quite pricey, but they are all-weather proof and very durable. Look out for synthetic materials which are resilient to snow, rain, and sleet.

5. Choose appropriate foods and drinks

Do not leave out pumpkins on your menu for outdoor living. You shouldn’t look at pumpkin latte drink, you might not like it. You could have the best of pumpkin with roasted pumpkin soup and muffins. Select drinks that warm you from inside; especially on the cooler days and nights. Choose Irish coffee! Choose mulled apple cider! Choose hot Toddys!

6. Build your autumn garden

You ought to be wise enough to pick some crops for your garden in autumn. Don’t use all you grew in summer. Reserve some late summer crops while you pick early autumn crops – like squash, collards and Kales. These will keep you busy outdoors in the late evenings. You’d have some reasons to stay outdoors. Your autumn garden could serve you during your outdoor dinners – you’d have fresh picks from there!

7. Outdoor games – Flag football, tag and corn hole

They keep you active and warm your body system. You might not be comfortable with board games but outdoor games like flag football, tag and corn hole would be quite helpful and keep you outdoors for hours!

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