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Fire Pit Safety

It’s great having a fire pit during cool weather evenings. Having one amidst conversations in such evenings brightens the family mood and the atmosphere. However, you can only enjoy your fire pit when appropriate cautions are put in place. Otherwise, fire pits could be a disaster for your household. While some cities ban the use of fire pits, most cities have rules and regulations on its use. Failure to adhere to these rules could attract huge penalties. Do well to know your city’s rules and regulations. Below are the safety tips you need to follow:

1. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions

You must read and understand the manufacturer’s manual before using your fire pit. Get clarified on any ambiguous issue from the manufacturer before using the fire pit!

2. Position your fire pit properly

You should position your fire pit not close to your building, not near hanging tree branches or a shaky surface. Place your fire pit on a concrete ground and in an open space. Also keep it away from any combustible material – dry paper, clothes and flammable liquids. You could set your household on fire by doing so.

3. Be on guard against fire outbreak

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy at all times. And not just that, you should see to it that it’s functional and has not expired. Also, master the operation! If you don’t know how to use it, learn! Get professionals to put you through!

4. Fire pits are not for indoor use

Fire pits are not designed for indoor use. Do not use them inside your home; the fumes could be poisonous and dangerous as they contain carbon monoxide. You should also use your fire pit in a well-ventilated space – such as an open space outside your home.

Manufacturers usually specify fire starters for their fire pits. Endeavour to use only the recommended fire starters. Also, it is advisable to start your fire pit by bit. Do not attempt using gasoline to start a fire pit – it is dangerous!

6. Keep your kids safe

Your children shouldn’t be found anywhere near the fire pit. Always keep an eye on your fire pit and make sure your children do not play around or with your fire pit. They could get hurt by its sparks!

7. Protect yourself and your household from sparks

Use glass screens to guard against sparks that fly out from your fire pit. Endeavour to check the wind direction before starting your fire pits. This would help reduce the sparks. It is not advisable to use your fire pit when it’s very windy. Sparks could not only hurt you; they could also damage the furniture around. They could fly into a neighbor’s compound, spoiling their evening.

8. Put out the fire completely!

After using your fire pit put out the fire completely! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions too. You have to soak the hot coals with water. You could also use a fire extinguisher on the hot coals. Pour water on the hot coals till steam cease. This is an important step; leaving your fire pit without putting out the fire altogether could result in a fire disaster!

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