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How to Start a Gas Fireplace?

Lighting a gas fireplace is a straightforward but important process that always needs to be carried out adequately. There are a couple of methods to do it and several steps to each method, so let’s get right on it.

How to light a gas fireplace with a control panel?

The first step is to carefully read through your fireplace’s manual. Depending on the brand and model the manual may be more or less detailed and there may be some specific differences to what we’re about to suggest.

Once you’ve gone through every word in the manual, these are the main steps to follow:

  1. Open the fireplace’s control panel. It will usually be behind the fireplace’s front screen.
  2. Turn the control knob to the Off position for 5-10 minutes to clear out any lingering gas.
  3. If there is a shutoff valve, twist it to a position parallel to the gas line.
  4. Switch the control knob to the Pilot position to ignite the small flame that ignites the fireplace.
  5. Press the control knob down and – without letting it go – hit the ignition switch.
  6. Hold the control knob down for 20-40 seconds to keep the flame alive for long enough.
  7. Move the control knob to the On position to keep the pilot light on.

How to light a gas fireplace with a fireplace key?

The other main method for starting a gas fireplace is with a fireplace key. Again, before you do anything, familiarize yourself with everything that’s in the user manual. Then, unless the manual specifics otherwise, go through these steps:

  1. Remove the outer cover of the fireplace.
  2. Put the fireplace key in the gas valve knob of the fireplace.
  3. Using a long fireplace lighter, ignite the burner in the fireplace. Do this simultaneously with Step 2. Use safety gloves for some extra protection.
  4. Turn the gas key counter-clockwise to release gas in the fireplace.
  5. Remove the gas key after the ignition and close the fireplace’s cover.

And that’s about it. With either method, you should be extra careful that you don’t release more gas than what’s necessary as that might lead to accidents. Other than that, everything should be fine.

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