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3 Steps to Keep Wood Stove Burning All Night

Whether you want to keep warm overnight or you want to keep the stove running while you’re at work, knowing how to extend the burn of a wood stove is a very nice skill. Of course, there are safety concerns that need to be observed and it’s important for there to always be an adult in the house when the wood stove is burning.

Still, let’s take a look at how to keep the wood stove burning all night without the fire dying out. Here’s a quick 3-step guide:

  1. Coal placement. The first step to figuring out how to keep a fire burning all night is to rake the pieces of charcoal to the front of the stove and leave the back of it with no coal. This is important because coal is a strong heat source that’s meant to ignite your wooden logs. So, if you leave charcoal all over the stove’s floor it will ignite all the logs at the same time and result in a stronger but faster burn. Instead by putting the coal in only one end of the stove you’ll make sure that the logs are burning a couple at a time and not all together.
  2. Place several logs – five to seven, depending on your stove’s size and the size of the logs – in a tight formation parallel to the front of the stove. Place them behind the coals and pressed to the back of the stove. Place the logs tightly one on top of the other and not in a cross formation. Cross formations help for a faster and stronger burn which is the opposite of what we want here. When all the logs are placed in the stove, the ones on the front should be touching the coal line.
  3. Shut the stove’s door and light the fire. If the coals were already ignited it should take only a few moments for the nearest wooden log to light up. After that, one by one, the logs will start burning slowly and steadily. This will ensure a nice and slow fire that will last for hours.

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