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Is Fire Pit on Wood Deck a Good Idea?

Fire pits are simple and effective additions to any yard, however, they do come with a few safety concerns and considerations. Can you put a fire pit on a deck made of wood, for example? Or does a fire pit on wood deck combo present too great of a risk?

The quick answer here is that, yes, you can put a fire pit on a wood deck, however, there are quite a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. Here’s a quick but extensive list of the precautions you’ll need to take:

  1. Don’t put the fire pit directly on the wood deck. A paved grid or a heat-resistant fire pit mat are both good ideas as they will serve as isolation between the fire pit and the wood deck.
  2. To make a fire pit safe for wood deck installation you’ll also need to keep it away from the walls and other parts of your home. Most of the heat will be directed upwards but some will go sideways too so to avoid any accidental fires you’ll need to make sure that there’s sufficient distance between the open flame and your home. Consult with your municipal government for its outdoor fire regulations too.
  3. Clean your wood deck before lighting the fire pit. Small litter and dirt can make it much easier for accidents to happen so your wood deck should always be 100% clean.
  4. Always consider the wind – it can both blow the fire in the direction of your home, as well as blow trash near the fire pit which could be hazardous.
  5. Remove the ashes from your fire pit after use. They can both be blown away by the wind as well as soak up moisture and cause corrosion in your wood deck. You can use a fire pit’s ashes as compost or insect repellent, for example.
  6. Never use lighter fluid on a wood deck fire pit – it greatly increases the risk of property damage, as well as injuries. Simply use good, dry wood instead.
  7. Don’t use your fire pit unattended for even a minute. No matter how many precautions you take, accidents can happen and it’s always good if you’re there to catch them early.
  8. Keep water nearby – again, accidents do happen so be prepared.

So, can you put a fire pit on a wood deck without any problems? Sure – but you’ll need to take all the safety precautions above with no exception!

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