What You Need to Know About Forced Air Heating?

What is forced air heating? What’s the difference between forced air vs central air heating systems? It’s normal to wonder about this if you haven’t used forced air heating before. It is one of the most popular options for home heating, however, especially in the colder and northern parts of the globe. So, here’s everything you need to know about forced-air heating.

What does forced air heating mean?

A forced-air heating system is any heating system that uses a powerful blower fan to draw air from your home and direct it toward a heat source. Said heat source can be anything from the heat exchanger of a gas furnace to the heating coils of an electric furnace. Either way, the idea is that the air will absorb the heat from the heat source and will be redistributed back into your home from the air ducts that are the last part of the forced air heating system.

What are the benefits of a forced-air heating system over other heating alternatives?

  1. Forced air heating systems are economical to both install and operate compared to most other heating systems such as boilers or hydronic plumbing systems.
  2. When using a gas furnace, which most forced-air systems do anyway, you can expect a very energy-efficient outcome that will save you quite a few bucks.
  3. Forced air systems also help to filter the incoming air and thus – improve the quality of the indoor air which is a great benefit, especially in the cold winter months.
  4. It’s very easy to add central air conditioning to a pre-existing forced air heating system. The same cannot be said about the steam boiler or hot water systems.
  5. These systems are not only efficient but also more effective than most, as they heat up your home’s air quite quickly.
  6. Forced air systems are simple to not only install but to fix as well – most of their components such as fans, belts, motors, etc., are easy to diagnose and replace.
  7. Lastly, these systems are quite safe to use as well.

It’s a good idea to replace the air filters once every 3 months

If you’re actively using your forced air heating system, you might want to replace its air filters every 3-4 months or once every standard season. This will ensure that the system is working as quickly and effectively as possible, as well as that it filters your home’s air perfectly.

Inspect the ductwork regularly

Dents and dings are the common problems for the ductwork in a forced-air system so look for such problems regularly. Also, make sure that there’s no furniture directly in front of the vents.

Perform a professional seasonal maintenance

Calling a professional to check your whole system and equipment at the beginning of every winter season is strongly advised – you may not want to pay the fees, sure, but it’s much better than paying for repairs afterward.

Make sure your thermostat is working properly

As with any other heating system, you’ll need to upgrade your thermostat from time to time in order for the forced air heating system to work properly. A good programmable thermostat will ensure great control and quality of the heating system.

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