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How to Change a Wick in a Kerosene Heater?

Changing wick in kerosene heater is a generally simple process but it does have its subtleties and it always needs to be done properly. Knowing how to work with a kerosene heater wick adjustment is a must-have skill if you want to use such a device in your home.

So, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to go about it.

  1. Before you start you’re going to need just a few simple items – a pair of heavy working gloves for protection, a screwdriver or two of the right sizes for your heater’s screws, and a re-sealable plastic bag for the old wick.
  2. Turn down the heater and wait for it to cool down. Don’t try to work with a warm heater that has been turned off – the flame needs to be extinguished, the heater must be completely cold, and the wick adjustment should be at its lowest setting.
  3. Remove all control knobs from the base of the heater as well as all the screws that retain the cabinet to the heater. After that, just lift the cabinet off the device and take the cabinet base – if there is one – as well.
  4. Put on heavy work gloves and remove the shield of the wick adjustment assembly. Remove the screws that secure the burner assembly as well and then remove that too.
  5. Take off the cover of the wick assembly by turning it counterclockwise a bit. Then, remove the wick and the wick sleeve from inside the adjustment assembly.
  6. Remove the wick from the wick sleeve by pulling inward on the wick to dislodge it. After that, place the wick in a plastic bag and seal it.
  7. Place the new wick inside the wick sleeve. Secure it by engaging the wick’s pins into their slots inside the sleeve. Push it a bit to make sure that it’s properly secured.
  8. Insert the wick sleeve back inside the wick adjustment assembly. Make sure the wick’s pins slot properly inside the adjuster and are perfectly secure.
  9. Put the wick cover back on the assembly and make sure that it’s properly twisted into place.
  10. Put the whole wick adjustment assembly over the burner and inside the heater’s base. Place the wing nut screws back on and tighten them properly.
  11. Briefly install the wick adjustment knob on the heater and move the wick up and down to make sure that it’s properly installed and functions as it should. After that remove the knob.
  12. Install the cabinet base and the cabinet back on, and tighten their screws securely. Put all the knobs and controls back on the heater permanently.

And that’s about it. Make sure that you move through each step slowly and carefully – everything should be put back into place and safely secured if you want your heater to function properly and to avoid any accidents.

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