How Do Tower Fans Work?

The mystery of how tower fan works is a simple yet fascinating one. These fairly new fan models are taking the market by storm and are as interesting as they are effective.

So, how do tower fans work? The main tower fan working principle is similar to that of typical bladed fans – they suck in air and cool it down through the movement of their blades before dispersing it back into the room around them.

The difference is that tower fans have multiple but smaller propeller blades that are placed horizontally throughout the length of the “tower” and are typically invisible to the naked eye.

The fan sucks air from below and it propels it up through the fan’s inner blades before pushing it out from the top in a wide span. The tower will also have vents along its lengths which will either block or permit the air to escape. These vents need to be kept clear of any debris and dust for the fan to operate properly.

Many tower fans will also be equipped with filters and ionizers together with the fan blades which clear the air and protect your family from allergens.

What are the benefits of a tower fan?

  • Tower fans normally cover a wider area than normal room fans even though their design is slimmer.
  • The slim design is also a benefit as it makes tower fans easier to fit with your home’s interior – you can easily place them between two pieces of furniture, behind a large potted plant, etc.
  • The sleek design of most modern tower fans is also nice to look at so they don’t look nearly as silly as the standard and old-fashioned room bladed fans.
  • Good modern tower fans will also be equipped with remote control, a timer, and auto shut-off functions, as well as other features.
  • The air filtration perk is great for people with allergies or other minor or major respiratory problems.
  • The lack of any external moving parts means that tower fans pose no distraction. It’s also what causes some people to call them “bladeless fans” even though they have several (sometimes up to a dozen) asymmetrically-aligned blades inside of them.
  • Good tower fan models work very quietly which is great for kids’ rooms or guest rooms.
  • A good tower fan will be able to pull in multiple gallons of air per second, making them much more effective than ordinary room bladed fans.

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