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How to Clean a Dehumidifier and Its Parts?

We’ll be honest, cleaning dehumidifiers is not a fun thing to do unless you’re a cleanliness enthusiast in which case – all the more power to you. For most of us, however, cleaning is an annoying and unpleasant thing to do.

With dehumidifiers, however, as with most other things – it just needs to be done. When they’re not cleaned regularly they can get gross pretty quickly and can also develop lots of mold which is just unhealthy for your home and family. Plus, making sure your dehumidifier is always in a good and clean condition is the best way to prolong its life and to improve its operational efficiency.

Where to start?

First, you’ll want to turn off the dehumidifier. Then, start by vacuuming and wiping it on the outside – don’t spray water or any cleaning solvents on it, either use a dry cloth or a slightly damp one.

How to clean dehumidifier filters?

Air filters are one of the main components of dehumidifiers and they should always be maintained as well as possible. The air filters are where most of the mildew, dirt, mold, and other contaminants from your home’s air are gathered so you’d do well to give them some extra attention.

Fortunately, you can just take the air filters out and give them a gentle wash with a sponge and some soapy water. Let them dry and reinstall them.

How to clean dehumidifier coils?

The coils of a dehumidifier can also get pretty dirty and need to be in good working condition at all times. To clean them up, first, remove the outer cover that’s in front of them. Then, use a small and soft brush to gently remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated on them without scratching the coils.

After that, use a slightly damp piece of cloth to wipe any mold or mildew off the coils and the fan. Remember to also check the inside cabinet area for any dirt and remove that too.

How to clean dehumidifier buckets?

The dehumidifier’s bucket or reservoir is where most of the mess is likely going to be. So, how to clean dehumidifier tanks? Take the reservoir out and add water and mild soap in it. Then, just scrub it gently and rinse it off. Let it dry and that’s it!

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