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Central heating is the most common type of heating that you’re going to come across in the modern world. This heating system has been used since about World War II and can be found in most American homes today. This air type has a centralized heating point where all of the air is heated and then dispersed throughout the house using vents, radiators, or other points of release. There are a few different methods in central heating with different depending on what type of home you want to live in.

There are three different main types of central heating these are hot water, same, and air. We will be going over all of these types of heating to pick out which best for you in this article. There’s also a lot of history behind central heating systems will tell you as well. As it turns out, central heating systems are a widely varied technology with a lot of different points of interest to them.


Weirdly enough, the first central heating system actually showed up in ancient Greece. Of course, this wasn’t anything as technologically advanced as we have today with modernized central heat. to make a centralized heat source and carry it throughout places like their temples. A lot of the time this was done by using fire and ancient pipelines to guide the heat from the fire to designated vents to be dispersed throughout the room. This was a crude way of heating your house but at the time it worked pretty well. Of course, you would not see this in many homes of the poor, but in important buildings and for those in upper hierarchy of the country, it was a little bit more common.

The modern method of heating was actually developed in the early 19th century. The system that we use today was made up by a man named William Strutt who designed the building and implemented a furnace to distribute heat. Later on, he had help from other fellow entrepreneurs who made one of their own easy heating systems to distribute warm throughout their buildings. Eventually, Strutt retooled the process needed to create the system. This helped revolutionize the progress of clean air and improve the overall health and living quality of people around the world. As time went on, many people have different ways to create heating solutions through different types of centralized heating that you can choose from today.

Type of Central Heating

Hot Water:

Hot water systems use water in order to create heat by boiling the water and then circulating it through your house. The water used in this isn’t constantly pulled from the water source. Instead, the same water is heated, cooled, and then reheated again in order to save users on their water bill. This is most popularly used in a heating system such as radiators. A lot of people also called this type of system a boiler. It’s where a lot of buildings, such as schools, will get their heat from. You do need a full room for the boiler, generally, this is a pretty big space that has to be maintained and is called a boiler room.


The steam heating system uses a lot of radiators in order to generate enough steam to warm your home. This heating system can also use boilers but instead of water circulating through the area, they use water in order to make steam which is then put out by the radiators. The system may not be good for people who don’t like high humidity though as it can make the air moister. Like the water system, it just isn’t as popular anymore and will only be found in buildings like schools or older businesses. In fact, these steam heating systems are now a rarity to see in a family home.


While this is definitely the most expensive type of heating, it’s the most efficient. Air heating uses the airport from outside and electricity to heat it up. The air is then sent throughout your house and comes out of places like vents to heat your house. This is one of the most modern types of heating in place and you will see this most commonly used throughout the developed world. The system uses heating coils to warm the air that blows through them and can be a little bit costly on your energy bill compared to some of the other methods. Still, though, this is probably the most efficient way to heat a home quickly in the cold winter months.

Effectiveness and Environment

The effectiveness of central air can be argued. Central air has a tendency to heat more areas that are actually in use by the owner. Central air generally heats the whole home instead of a specified area where you may be staying. This means that you’re going to use more energy than is actually needed in the long run. This is why you may have a higher bill than if you were to use a wood furnace or a gas system. Still, most people prefer the system due to the fact that it works so quickly and there isn’t any extra hassle involved when turning the central air on. There are two different type of heating methods for central air has its different effects on your energy bill. Be sure to look into all of them to see if one may be better for your home.

Environmentally, central air systems can be better than gas systems. Central air systems don’t release fossil fuels like a gas heating system would do. The same time though you can use a furnace that’s supplied by wood which can be one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do. This is because the furnace puts out anything that is unnatural from itself then the wood will get completely used up instead of leaving behind any type of a natural debris. Central air systems are mostly made of metal, meaning that they’re harder to dispose of once they’re done working. Still, central heating is not a bad choice for somebody who wants to be environmentally conscious as well.

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