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Tips for Staying Cool in the Heat

Is it possible to stay cool in the heat? Yeah, it’s quite possible and easy! Staying cool in the heat won’t only make you relaxed; it would help you not to develop heat-related illnesses like heat cramps and heat stroke. Here’s what would help:

1. Drink lots of water
Reduce hydration to a minimum by drinking a lot of water. You could take cans of cold or iced water along while going outdoors. You could also take sports drinks or other drinks to replenish the electrolytes you lose through sweating.

2. Dress wisely!
Lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothes are best for staying cool in the heat. It’s preferable to go for cotton materials. Synthetic clothes would make you feel hotter and uncomfortable. Stay cool in the heat – choose your clothes wisely!

3. Keep spray water bottles cool
Fill some spray bottles with water and keep in the fridge. You could stay cool by spraying water on your face after long hours of outdoor activities.

4. Use fan if you have a cooling system
Fans are a great help for air-conditioned rooms. They would help circulate the cooler air in your apartment and help you stay cool.

5. Store your cosmetics in the freezer
You could stay cool with this weird tip! Keep your cosmetics – lotions – in the freezer and apply on your hot, exhausted feet after the day’s activities!

6. Stay cool in the heat with frequent baths and showers! Take cold baths regularly. It keeps your body cool!

7. Do some crazy things!
Some people use ice cubes in the hat on their head. Some even pour cold water into a hat or cap and invert it on their head. It gives a cooling sensation you cannot imagine! Here is another weird tip many people have done: Having a spray bottle of chilled water attached to a fan. As the fan rotates, it sprays a cooling mist.

8. Avoid dehydrating drinks
Alcoholic drinks, sugary drinks, and beverages dehydrate; avoid them. Yes, it’s advisable for you to drink but it shouldn’t be alcoholic drinks.

9. Go to public places!
If you don’t have a cooling system – air conditioner – in your home or yours broke down and cannot be fixed, visit public places like shopping malls, libraries and cinemas during the day and stay cool!

10. Manage your exercise routine properly
You might need to reduce the number of times you exercise in a day. Also, consider engaging in such during the cooler part of the day like in the mornings and evenings.

11. Use sunglasses and wide hats – these protect you from UVA and UVB hot and damaging spectrum of sunlight.

12. Use a shade
Resting under shady trees is a good idea! It keeps you cool in the heat!

13. Keep your pillows in the fridge
You could keep cool in the night while trying to catch some sleep by doing this: put your pillows in plastic sheets or nylon and place it in the refrigerator during the day and return same to your bed at night.

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