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Broken Heating? Tips on how to Stay Warm

There’s nothing as disturbing as a flawed heating system during the cold season of the year. Much worse is when you aren’t buoyant enough to fix it. However, with some little steps, you can still stay warm. You would find the tips below excellent alternatives.

1. Dress in Layers
Losing heat is not good for you when your heaters are broken. You can lose heat from all parts of your body – from your head to the sole of your feet. It’s advisable you cover as much of your body as possible. Having thin layers of clothes on would do some magic to keep you warm. The thin layers trap heat and prevent heat loss. It’s better to have layers of clothes than a big coat and also preferable to buy cotton or wool clothing. To avoid heat loss from the sole of your feet, a pair of slippers would do, when you’re at home. A hat on your head prevents heat loss from there. Always wrap your body in a thick blanket while sitting.

2. Take Hot Foods and Drinks
Hot steamy foods and warm /hot drinks also help keep you warm. Go for hot steamy foods only. Warm beverages help too. They are capable of raising your thermal inertia. You could restrict cooking meals that give off heat. The steam released increases the humidity in your house, and that’s not good. Humidity absorbs heat more than air, so when this happens, the air in your home becomes cooler.

3. Light a candle
Candlelight could produce enough heat to keep your home warm. Candles are affordable and are available in most grocery stores. Also, you could use your fireplace. Light up the fireplace, if you have any.

4. Increase the number of times you cook
The act of cooking can give sufficient heat. While cooking or baking, you move up and down, do some little work – just like you’re exercising your body. So like an activity, it keeps your body warm. Additionally, warm air from the oven or gas circulates your home, creating a warm atmosphere. Leave the door of the kitchen open for circulation of warm air from the oven to other parts of your home. However, don’t leave the oven open for too long; you would be wasting energy by doing so!

5. Reduce heat loss from the Floors
You could do this with rugs and carpets. With these, heat loss through the sole of your feet is prevented.

6. Use sun-absorbing and Heavy Curtains
Cheap clear shower curtains can do the job! They absorb sunlight during the day and keep the cold away at night – this helps keep you warm. You could also use clear plastic sheets for window covers.

7. Host people
More people in your home means increased warmth. People warm houses!

8. Stay positive
Broken heaters would cut your heating bills, sure! So don’t see it as a problem; rather see it from a positive angle. It doesn’t only reduce your heating cost; it helps you learn new ways of keeping warm.

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