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How to Delay Turning Up Heat in the Fall

Wish there’s a way you could extend the warm seasons of the year? This is the desire of many people! Temperate weather conditions like autumn are comfortable, and you enjoy relief from heat bills. It also gives your home heaters a break from functioning. There are a lot of things you could do to extend the warmth of autumn and delay turning up the heat in fall and increase energy savings.

Insulation is the Key!

You would probably see insulation regarding the operating of your heaters and air conditioners. It goes beyond that! You can bar entry of chill air into your homes by way of insulation. To do this, you would need to seal up cracks or leaky areas. Seal them with caulking or with spray foam. Another vital thing! You need to keep an eye on your doors and window frames. Besides that, another way to insulate your home is by doubling your window panes. You can even triple it! By doing this, you are creating a buffer for your windows, and this would go a long way in preventing cold air from reaching your home.

Insulate With Thermal Curtains

Use thermal curtains to form layers between the air within and the air outside your home. Deliberate handling of the curtains can help you improve the warmth of your home. Hang the curtains up during the day to allow in sunrays and pull them down the curtains in the evening to avoid loss of heat from your home. This way you will have delayed turning up the heat.

The Simplest Step – Put on Warm Clothing!

This is the easiest way. Insulate your body with warm clothing like wool, sweaters and thicker socks whenever at home. Using blankets together with a warm dress would help your body not to lose heat. Also, you will enjoy a cozy sleep with extra blankets. Wearing hats could help you not to lose heat. Additionally, you can wear warm clothes directly from the dryer. They help warm your body too!

Organize a Party!

This might sound weird, but it’s real. You can turn down the heating in your home by organizing a party. Humans warm up buildings because they respire. When you breathe in cooler air from your surroundings, you breathe out warmer air from your body. This is made possible by the metabolic processes which take place in the body which releases heat; so the air you expire is warmer. Each guest in your home has been found to give an equivalent of 175 Watt heater. Think of the enormous heat you could generate in your home by organizing just a party. You can do this once in a while, anyway!

Turn down the Heat by Turning down Your Thermostat

When leaving the house, turn down your thermostat to 550F, also when traveling and when out in the evenings. Gradually reduce the temperature of your thermostats. You can use this 1°C drop at a time. This will save you a chunk of money in weeks or months.

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