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So you got a fire pit and you’re pretty proud of it right. It’s pretty nice to have in your yard and your families enjoying using it to cuddle up next to at night or in the day when it’s cold. You may be wondering once you need to do after your process of installing the fire pit is done though. Don’t you just leave it sitting and fuel it when you need to? Well, the answer is you’re going to need to take care of your fire pit just a little bit better than that. In order to do that you’re going to either make or invest in a good fire pit cover to keep breeze or possible animals out of your fire pit.

Why you need a cover

You may not think of this but there quite a few animals that would love to make a nest out of your fire pit. This is especially bad in spring when birds are looking for a place to raise their young and you get stuck with quite a few eggs in the fire pit you are trying to use. If you are animal conscious then you’re definitely not going to want to disturb the bird nests because you know that birds don’t exactly like it when you mess with their young. Even worse, for whatever reason cats really like curling up in places that look like fire pits. Am I sure you don’t want to burn a bunch of Fluffy’s hair during your next cookout now do you?

if the animals aren’t bad enough then just think of what’s going to happen when Fall time rolls around. While leaves maybe pretty combustible they can be a nuisance when they start to fill up your fire pit regularly. Not only this but having a pile of leaves in your fire pit makes it more of a home for bugs to hang out in. It also makes a perfect place for spiders to make their nests which nobody really wants to deal with. As much as the burn it with fire joke could apply in this scenario, it’s best to avoid the fact that spiders can nest in your fire pit altogether.

Lastly, we can’t forget the fact that it is going to rain or storm at some point. Can you imagine going out to your fire pit in finding out that is full of water? While this may not be a trouble for some fire pits they’re definitely going to be ones that don’t have a way to drain the water out of them easily. That means you’re going to have to possibly move the whole thing and pour the water out yourself before you can use it. On top of that, you’re going to have to wait for it to dry even after you get the drain the water out if you hope to have a successful fire in it. All of these scenarios are completely annoying and really easy to avoid if you have a fire pit cover.

Getting a cover

Fire pit Covers are sold in most stores that sell outdoor accessories. If you have a Walmart or Target in your area then more than likely you can find a cover for your fire pit. If not try going down to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement to find one that fits your fire pit. Fire pit covers generally range between $29.99 and $60 for one of them for high-quality ones. They’re pretty affordable for anybody looking to save some time and money by just going to the physical store. They can get even cheaper and there are some fire pits covers that cost under $20 and can be shipped to your home totally free from Amazon. They even have good ratings and high user reviews to prove they’re pretty effective.

Fire pit covers are all made to a little bit here at resistant and able to keep water from seeping through them. They also usually have tie downs so you can make sure they don’t blow off during a strong wind storm. If nothing else you can put heavy rocks around your fire pit cover to give it an anchor and make sure it doesn’t blow off if a summer storm comes up that’s too powerful. You also don’t have to worry about the cold getting to them as they’re made for that too. Unlike a lot of fabrics, fire pit covers are made to withstand harsh snows and cold temperatures and won’t crack or lose durability if snow sitting on top of them for long periods of time.

You can even get fire pit covers in several different colors to match your patio or surroundings. Well, you may not find fire pit covers and bright pink or purple. You can, however, find them in black, beige and white pretty easily and they’ll match up to anything that’s around them. There are also a lot of different shapes and sizes a fire pit covers to take care of any size firepit you may have. I do realize recommend buying one of these instead of using the tarp method. The tarp method is simply putting a pool tarp over your fire pit in and weigh it down with rocks. These fire pits cover look a lot more attractive than a tarp and won’t take up any additional space.

Tarp method

If you simply feel like you must use an old tarp that’s lying around be sure to know what you’re doing. You’re going to need to weigh the tarp down with something heavy on each side to make sure it doesn’t blow off of your cover. Also, if it’s an older tarp make sure to inspect it to make sure no water will get through it if it rains or we have a heavy snow. But they can work perfectly fine although it’s not that appealing to use for the long run.

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