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Tips for Air Conditioner That’s Running but Not Lowering Temperature

Having your air conditioner running but not lowering temperature as it should is quite an annoying problem. The reverse is equally obnoxious in the winter if you intended to use your AC to help a bit with the heating of your home. To help you solve these problems, here’s a list of tips for air conditioner running but not lowering temperatures as it’s supposed to.

Check the installation

Is your AC system recently installed? One of the most common reasons for AC not blowing cold air when it should is if there are problems with the installation. The simplest solution here is to call a second HVAC system to pay you a visit and inspect the installation independently.

Problems with the outside condenser unit

This is probably the most frequent problem with poorly maintained AC systems. An air conditioner not cooling or potentially leaking is a common result of the condenser getting bogged out with dirt, tree leaves, grass, or other things. As it’s outside of your home and it’s constantly exposed to the elements, the AC’s condenser needs frequent care and maintenance.

Check the airflow

Another reason for the air conditioner not blowing is if it can’t suck enough air through its vents. To check for that simply hold a lighter to the direct airflow from the vent. Do this along with the entire vent and not just in one location – even the vents that are further away from the main HVAC unit need to have excellent airflow.

When you identify a spot with low airflow you should first check the filters there – if they are dirty, replace them with new ones.

Thermostat issues

There are a lot of possible thermostat issues you might be subjected to. If you’re certain that’s where the problem is, try changing its batteries first. IF that doesn’t work, make sure it’s perfectly level, it’s clean, and it’s away from any heat sources or direct sunlight. If none of this helps, the problem is likely elsewhere.

Electrical issues

It’s also possible that you have a faulty breaker or other electrical issues. To check for that, simply flip the HVAC/AC breaker as well as the condenser or compressor breakers on and off. If the problems persist, you might have to call a professional.

The air handler might be frozen

If none of the above is the problem, take a look at the evaporation coils in your unit – they might be frozen. If that’s the case, turn off your AC unit immediately and leave it inactive for at least 24 hours. This will give it time to defrost and dry off. After that, take another look at the evaporation coils and make sure they are not dirty – if they are, clean them as well as possible.

Maybe you have a low refrigerant level

This is another common problem in HVAC systems as refrigerant is a must-have for the AC to produce cool air. If that seems to be the case – or if none of the other steps above worked – call a professional HVAC company. They have the proper equipment to check your refrigerant levels and to fix them, as well as to troubleshoot the rest of your system and make it as good as new again.

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