The Difference Between Above Ground and In-Ground Fire Pits

Today’s discussion is all about trying to figure out what type of fire pit is best for your home. As you may know, there are quite a few different types of fire pits you can choose from to put outside. Out of these two, there are above-ground and in-ground fire pits that have different advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you figure out what type of fire pit you want and how you want it. It will also tell you the best places for each type of fire pit and some of the downsides to them as well.

Where do you want it?

Depending on where you want to put the fire pit means a lot. It may not be possible to put both a 10 ground or an above-ground fire pit in some spots. On places like decks or hills that may be more of a pain to try to contour to fit an inground fire pit. At that point, it would be better to just go ahead and get an above ground one. If it doesn’t make sense or does it seem like it’s going to fit in the ground fire pit and it’s probably best to avoid it. As it stands above ground fire pits are a lot more attractive and easier to put in than an in-ground one will be.

Basically, here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re considering where you want your fire pit.

  • Is it going to be for personal use by the other members of your family?
  • Do you want to make a fire pit for burning things like leaves during the fall time?
  • Do you just want to fire pit because it looks nice in your yard for whatever reason?
  • How much money do you want to spend when putting in your fire pit?
  • Do you want to do it yourself or do you want to have somebody come and install the fire pit in your home?

Once you figure out the answers to all these questions we can begin with the next part of selecting our fire pit.

Advantages of In-ground fire pits

Believe it or not, the in-ground fire pit is going to be the easiest and cheapest fire pit for you to make. You can even make one yourself by simply digging a hole and feeling it with rocks to help contain the fire.

This method is pretty cheap, mostly free of cost, and it’s not all that hard to make an in-ground fire pit yourself while making it look good. You can even place rocks around it to look like an outer rim and set up a picnic table or chairs around it to eat the fire. If you buy an in-ground fire pit you are much going to purchase a bowl that you just put in the ground. There’s not a lot to it and it’s not really complicated. It can’t be hard to have an in-ground fire pit if you live in a hilly spot though.

Another point is that the in-ground fire pit is a lot safer than above ground fire pits. When you start a fire in a fire pit it really has no place to go. Grass generally doesn’t burn very well and it’s not going to catch the rocks on fire it’s pretty safe to say that you can’t really turn a forest fire off of an in-ground fire pit. The most you can do is have a little bit of black on the Rocks around it caused by soot. Still, you shouldn’t put a fire pit Too close to a forest or light it when there were a bunch of dry leaves on the ground around it. At least rake the leaves up and have the fire pit far enough away from the forest in case it’s a dry season.

Advantages of Above ground fire pits

With an above ground fire pit, you’re not going to have to dig a hole in the middle of your yard. You also will be able to move the fire pill around if you really need to. This means that if you ever move homes and you don’t mind taking the time to do so he can probably take the fire pit with you as well. There are also a lot of different types of models for above ground fire pits compared to an in-ground one which is pretty much just a bowl that you put in the ground. That means you can have a more attractive designed to show off to guess you invite over for parties.

You also can have the option to put in the above ground fire pit places like your front porch. A lot of people who buy above ground fire pits put them in their pool to sit around while the kids play. It gives a nice relaxed when I set it to be able to sit on your deck next to a warm fire during the summer evenings. During cold weather, your family can even sit outside on the porch to soak up the warmth the fire pit will give off. On top of that, it’s a little bit easier to keep an above ground fire pit clean as you generally can take it apart easier and buy special covers to keep the leaves and rain out of it.

It is your choice

No matter which option you choose you is going to probably need a little bit of money to do it with. Of course, above ground fire pits is always going to cost more because you’re going to have to go out and buy them. This is unless you’re extremely crafty and you already have some metal laying around to make it out of. With in-ground fire pits, they’re easier and safer but you can’t put them in places like your porch for your family to gather around. They’re all so pretty much a permanent fixture unless you want to do the work to fill the hole that you’ve dug to put it there.

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