• BlogPhoto of Cooling fan buying guide

    Cooling fan buying guide

    Keeping your house cool, temperate and comfortable throughout the long summer months is imperative. You might not be able to afford your own home air conditioning system, or maybe it just isn’t practical where you live; however, a good quality house fan is the next best thing. A refreshing breeze…

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  • BlogPhoto of The science behind bladeless fans

    The science behind bladeless fans

    The Dyson Air Multiplier, released in 2009, is a fan that claims to be quieter, more efficient and also a lot safer than your average cooling fan — and this in large part because it has no blades. Just how do these mysterious, bladeless fans actually work? Let us take…

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  • Safety & CarePhoto of How to properly clean your cooling fans

    How to properly clean your cooling fans

    With summer on the way, your household fans will soon be working overtime to keep you cool, so it’s crucial that they all be in top working condition. Cooling fans and their blades attract dust like moth to a flame, and you can be sure that having lain dormant over…

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