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Summer Energy Saving Tips

Wish to stay cool in the summer with lower energy bills? These tips would help you save more!

1. Unplug electrical appliances
Electrical appliances like televisions, laptops, electric stove and desktops should be unplugged when not in use. Don’t just turn them off; unplug them from wall sockets because they can drain power even when they are off, provided they are plugged in.

2. Ceiling fans are helpful
Promote air circulation in your apartment using ceiling fans. They are quite affordable and consume less power compared to your AC. You could delay turning on your AC with this simple step!

3. Cool just the needed area
Save power and increase your energy savings by cooling only the area you intend using. For instance, if you plan using the sitting room for a cocktail party, just cool the sitting room and shut out other rooms by closing doors and vents.

4. Insulate your walls
Most times, gaps between walls could be a problem. They could make your AC work too much and for a long time to achieve the desired temperature. Avoid leakage of the cold air from your apartment through these gaps. Most importantly, have your walls inspected for openings or leaks by professionals. Insulate the walls with foam sprays or caulks.

5. Flick off the light switches
Don’t overlook this tip! Turning off the lights in areas of the house not in use would help save some energy. Do this – turn off all lights – when leaving your apartment. When you’re at home, try to make use of the natural daylight. You could also practice candlelit dinners.

6. Perform regular checks and maintenance on your AC
Have your AC regularly checked for leaks and efficiency of operation. You should also make sure that the parts requiring monthly cleanings are cleaned accordingly. Also, clean filters routinely and change monthly.

7. Turn off your AC
Do you spend most of your day outside the house? If yes, then turn off your AC. You could turn off your AC by setting the thermostat beyond 780. Do this whenever you’re leaving your home.

8. Maneuver your window curtains and blinds wisely
Proper opening and closing of blinds and curtains will do some trick. Open them during the coolest part of the day – on cool summer mornings and evenings – and close them during the hottest part of the day.

9. Air-dry your clothes!
Take advantage of summer evening warm air. Dry your clothes outside and save energy. You can avoid using the dryer completely in summer. However, you can use your dryer at night on hot summer days.

10. Shady trees would help
Homes around shady trees do not take time to be cooled by AC. Plant shady trees around your house if you don’t have any. Reap the fruits – energy reduction and increased savings – in the long-run.

11. Do not use the oven
It’s possible not to use the oven in summer. You could restrict your meals to cold foods like salad and avoid much of the baking with the oven. You could use a microwave toaster oven or outdoor grill. Just minimize any activity which would generate indoor heat.

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