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  • Photo of Signs that Your Furnace Needs Replacement

    Signs that Your Furnace Needs Replacement

    Replacing a furnace isn’t easy. It’s quite an expensive undertaking. It’s common to see people with this question on their lips – when should I have my heater replaced? They don’t know what to consider before replacing their furnace. If you are contemplating replacing a heater, below are some signs…

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  • Photo of Winter Heating Safety Tips

    Winter Heating Safety Tips

    Prepared for winter storm emergencies? As winter approaches, you need to put plans in place on how to heat your home, especially in case of emergency winter storms which could lead to power outages for days or even weeks. Common ways you could keep your home warm are through the…

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  • Photo of Space Heater Safety Tips

    Space Heater Safety Tips

    Selection In selecting space heaters, here are the things to consider: What purpose will it serve? Supplemental or emergency heating? The size of the space heater suitable for the area you want to heat. Is it accredited? Does it have a recognized label by standard testing laboratories such as Underwriters…

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  • Photo of Heaters are bad for Your Skin: Myth or Fact?

    Heaters are bad for Your Skin: Myth or Fact?

    While you enjoy the warmth of your home with home heaters, remember heaters can also give rise to some problems. Your skin could suffer from an overuse of heaters. Looking at the mechanism of operation of heaters – it causes drying of air moisture inside your home. Dry air can…

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  • Photo of Kerosene heater safety tips

    Kerosene heater safety tips

    If you own and use your portable kerosene heater, you will know from personal experience that they are very good at what they do – ie keeping you warm! However, because they rely on burning fuel with an open flame, naturally they also come with several safety hazards – like…

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  • Photo of How to properly clean your heaters

    How to properly clean your heaters

    With winter around the corner, there’s an awful lot to prepare. One easily overlooked task is the cleaning of your household’s heaters. Chances are that they will, through months’ of non-usage, have collected dust, debris and particulate matter. This not only looks unsightly, it can also negatively affect their performance,…

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  • Photo of How to properly clean your cooling fans

    How to properly clean your cooling fans

    With summer on the way, your household fans will soon be working overtime to keep you cool, so it’s crucial that they all be in top working condition. Cooling fans and their blades attract dust like moth to a flame, and you can be sure that having lain dormant over…

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