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How to Pick the Right Portable Heater for Camping

Are you going camping? It’s an adventurous and exciting experience! Sure, you will anticipate your camping would be colorful and enjoying the sunny weather and cool air blowing all over! Sometimes, it doesn’t turn out as expected. The cold chilly weather wouldn’t allow you, and a portable heater becomes a must have!


How do you pick the right portable heater for your camping?

You will need to consider some key factors before deciding on which heater to buy for camping.

1. How portable is the heater?

Of course, portability should be the first thing you look out for when buying a heater for camping. Camping is an outdoor activity so going for a heater meant for indoor heating is not a wise decision. For you to decide how portable a heater is, these are the questions you will need to answer: is it lightweight or heavy? Is it small? Is it compact? Positive answers to these questions would keep you on track regarding the right heater for your next camping. I’m sure you don’t want more loads for your camping. Choose a heater that is lightweight, small and compact!

Now, someone would say, one heater is big and light and another small and heavy. What do I do? Which do I choose?

In this case, you have to make some compromise. You either go for the big and lightweight heater, if you have enough space. Or, you go for the small, heavy heater; if you don’t have ample space. But it would be wonderful if you could see one which both lightweight and small too!

2. How can it be powered?

Heaters for camping are powered by either of two means: propane and electricity. If you’re conversant with the place for camping and there are wall outlets for plug-ins, then go for an electric heater. If there are no wall outlets, then a propane heater would be a better choice. But remember, you will need to take propane bottles or tanks, which are extra loads and heavy too! The deal is, if you are financially capable, you might want to buy both the propane and electric heater. So, you can choose wisely based on your needs when going camping.

3. Does the heater have safety features?

While picking your camping heaters, it’s wise to look out for safety features. These would guard against fire hazards during your camping. Look out for:

  • Heaters with automatic sensors
  • Heaters with surfaces which do not heat up during use
  • Heaters with an automatic switch
  • Heaters with energy-saving features

The automatic sensor guards against campfire hazards when the heater overheats. If someone tips the heater over, the internal automatic switch turns it off. The many models of heaters with energy saving features cut down the cost of your camping escapade.

4. You need to consider the workload

What area of tent do you intend heating in your camp, and what number of tents? You need to calculate the area you will be heating to help you know the capacity of the heater required.

In general, 10 watts is needed to heat an area of one square foot to 100F. Do the maths!

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