Best fire pit friendly food recipes

Camping for days can be an exciting and adventurous venture for families, groups, and friends. However, you will need to prepare your food menu with suitable dishes which can be easily and quickly made over the fire pit. Some people have found certain foods best for each of the camping days – like cinnamon rolls, chicken rolls, dutch oven pizza and mini cakes for the first day; potatoes & sausages, pastrami sandwiches, Frito pie and dutch oven cakes for the second day. On the third day, you can have oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly stuffed peppers and s’mores. Blueberry cakes, hot dog, and baked apples could be nice on the fourth day. For the fifth day, you can make pancakes, sloppy Joes, and chili potatoes. Oatmeal sandwiches, beans, and franks can be taken on the sixth day; while on the last day you can take muffins and spaghetti together with left-over. Below are a few fire pit foods and their recipe.

Cinnamon Rolls

Have your Cinnamon rolls ready with these simple steps. Get a clean stick; scrape with a knife to bring out a clean surface. Open the can of cinnamon rolls and unwrap the rolls around the stick. Do this carefully and properly so that it doesn’t fall off the stick. Then place the stick over the fire pit. You can twist or spin the stick slowly to aid even cooking of the rolls. For best results, cook the rolls over coals as open flames would just burn the rolls. Cooking can take 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the rolls.


To make classic s’mores on pit fire, it’s simple! Get a roasting stick and put the classic s’mores together, marshmallow and roast to your taste over the fire pit. Serve with a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers.

Oatmeal Sandwich

Oatmeal makes excellent pit fire breakfast. If you plan to have this easy – to – prepare nutritious food on your menu, make sure you have the following in your food box: rolled oats a must add; raisins, cinnamon, maple syrup or honey fresh or canned fruit – all optional. You must also include milk or milk substitute like soya milk, rice milk or almond milk. Take along utensils like a saucepan, wooden spoon, can opener, bowls, spoons and measuring cups. If you desire to make it one serving( multiple servings of oatmeal are possible), measure a cup, equivalent to 250mL of water into your saucepan, boil, then add half cup, equivalent to 125mL, rolled oats (you can also add a handful of raisins and a pinch of cinnamon if desired). Simmer for 10 minutes over the fire pit. Scoop the meal into a bowl and top with milk or milk substitute. Breakfast is ready for serving!

Pastrami Sandwiches

Can be prepared 4-8 serves and made ready in 20 minutes. You just need 2lbs of cooked and thinly chopped beef pastrami, 4-8 slices of Havarti cheese. You also need slices of artisan rye bread- about 8-16 slices and a cup of beef broth. Optional ingredients are coarse grind mustard, dill pickle slices, and sliced onion. To prepare, simmer pastrami in broth till it gets hot. Then distribute the meat among the bread. You can add cheese as well as mustard pickles, and onion if you have them. Grill over the fire pit to toast and crisp of your choice. Your pastrami is ready to be served. Can be served warm with chips!


Wish to have pancakes in your pit fire menu? Make sure you come with these in your food box: cooking butter, milk, egg, flour raisins, caster sugar, measuring cups, tablespoons, pan and glass jars. Take these simple steps, and you would have your pancake ready in minutes!

Melt the cooking butter into a bowl; add a cup and half of milk (it must be liquid) and one egg. Mix well. Put the dry ingredients – flour, caster sugar and vanilla essence (optional) in a glass jar. Pour into the pan with the liquid ingredients; and batter. Grease your cooking pan, heat and pour in the batter – the size you like and allow bubbles to come up the batter’s entire surface, then flip. Leave to cook for 1-2 minutes. Fire pit food is ready for serving!

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